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Ittar also known as attar, is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Mostly these oils are extracted via hydro or steam distillation. They can also be expressed by chemical means but generally natural perfumes which define as ittars are distilled with water. The oils are generally distilled into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged. The aging period can last from one to ten years depending on uses and result. Technically ittars are distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil/liquid paraffins using hydro distillation technique with deg and bhapka. These techniques are still in use today at Kannauj in India known as traditional and antique method. ? Non Alcoholic ? Bela attar processed by flower of Bela(white flower) . ? Bela Attar is a wonderfully seductive scent. ? The aroma is deep, fruity, and complex, with rich tones of sweet Jasmine Sambac and Sandalwood ? This sensual attar is relaxing and balancing ? The seductive scent of India?s sacred flower has long been used for its nourishing fragrance. ? Bela(Jasmine) is grown all over the world for its fragrance, and the flowers are traditionally offered to Lord Vishnu in Hindu religious ceremonies ? Bela is very traditional and symbolic of purity, nobility, and confidence.

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